Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Years with Lulu

Yesterday we celebrated Forever Family Day #2 for Lulu! Two years ago this little character was placed in my arms all puffed up with 4 layers of clothing and a red silk Chinese suit to top it off, and screaming at the top of her little loud lungs. WOW!!!! What a day that was. A spicy Hunan girl we had/have! I am just so in love with this child and can't imagine our family without her. At times, when all my friends that are my age, are talking of high school graduations, college, and even weddings I start to sweat....I am in the potty training stage! How did I get there...again! At this stage/age of my life..... God brought me here. He asked me to bring her home. I tried very hard NOT to listen...but I am oh so VERY glad I did! She brings me/us unspeakable joy and when those tiny little legs and arms wrap themselves around me tight and she says, "You da best Mommy I ever had! I love you Mommy!" Well, my heart just melts. So I will be the old Mommy in preschool and the even older Mom on her wedding day :) But her Mommy I will be. And I will love her and adore her and cherish the fact that I, by God's design, get to walk through life with her, carrying that title.

She has come so very far in two years. She was really like a 9 month old at 21 months. Not so anymore. Full of life. Full of personality. All girly girl and princess....but...she can hang with her brothers and wrestle something fierce! She is beautiful, funny, clever, smart, stubborn, spoiled rotten, loving, determined, independent and spunky. Louisa Margaret Hatcher...we love you so and are so very blessed you are our littlest family member. Happy Forever Family Day Lulu Bug. I love you beyond words!

Our little celebration

Gotta love that $1 lipgloss gets this kind of reaction :)

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