Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Xin is 8!

Saturday February 1st Xin turned 8! We decided to combine the boys' parties this year seeing that we have very little free time on our weekends and their birthdays are 4 days apart! So Friday nite Xin invited his little buddy from school and Sam had the neighborhood crew and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. A great place to take 8 kids (Julia had an out of town bball game so she missed the house full of boys!) We ate 80 wings and fries and then headed back to our house for cake and ice cream. Then they were off their separate ways for gaming, movie watching and laughing late into the nite! Fun was had by all..including 2 little sisters that blended right in. Unfortunately, it was early dismissal time Saturday morning as we had a 9:00 basketball game. The boys crawled reluctantly out of bed as I had to wake them all up! (one small 3 year old kept sneaking into Xin's room until past 11:00pm I was told...hmmmm wonder who that could have been?) Saturday we continued the celebration for Xin with another basketball game, treats for the team, lunch of his choice out, and a visit from Nana and Poppy. Needless to say, there were some tired kids come Saturday evening....and a wiped out Mama! It was actually a really great party and much easier than I anticipated. Maybe I will combine all 5 kids' parties next year????

Now on to celebrate Xin.....8 years old and he still hasn't been with us as long as he lived in China! Seems impossible, but true. Xin continues to do incredibly well in school as a second grader. He is in the gifted program and got all A's on his report card! He loves video games, playing basketball, Legos, eating treats and playing with his little sisters. He has such a sweet kind heart and is very thoughtful. He loves to laugh and explore life! He is still learning how to live in a family but has come a long way! He, more than any other child of ours, keeps us on our knees and reminds us of how Jesus loves us in spite of our "baggage". Happy Birthday Xin! We know God has a special plan for you and we hope and pray we can lead and guide you to find His way. We love you little buddy! Happy 8th Birthday!

As they played the Wii, she decided to just do some puzzles!

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