Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Busy Season

I think February for our family is crazy busier than December. From January 30th to February 25th we celebrate a Forever Family Day, 3 birthdays, Valentines Day, our anniversary and a Chinese New Year celebration usually falls in there too. Added to our many celebrations, we have basketball season and all its' end of the season tournament play (this year we had/have 3 playing so 3 teams) and soccer kicking back up and overlapping its' practices, games and season opening tournaments. CRAZY! This past weekend was dizzying as we started off with the Augusta Prep Varsity boys playing for the Region Championship at home. It was a late game but we took everyone. The Cavaliers pulled off a HUGE win and are Region Champs! It was a great game and alot of fun to be at. Poor Lulu lost interest and the thumb went in the mouth. Pretty soon she was deep asleep amongst the yelling and cheering...thumb out, mouth wide open and eyes rolling back asleep :) It was after 11:00 pm when we got home..whew! Saturday the boys had games in two different parts of town. After that Julia, Jaida and I celebrated my birthday a few days early. We had a late lunch and did some shopping together where I got to pick out my own birthday presents!!!!! It was such a sweet time with my Biggest girl and my Middlest girl. SO thankful for daughters. After that we rushed home and Will and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. We had wonderful food, great wine, good conversation and even got to sit with the owners and listen to their amazing stories and enjoy champagne. It was a fabulous evening. Thanks babe for a great night and for 17 years of marriage to a great you!!!! I love you!!!!! I really pushed my limit Saturday with a midnight bedtime :) Ok, I am an old fogey....bedtime USUALLY comes early for me! Sunday we had an amazing worship service at a new church we have been attending. LOVE how I just feel like it is a place to meet with Jesus, not so
churchy". I was able to dash to the grocery store before WIll, Julia and I went to an end of season barb-b-que for her basketball team. It was held at an awesome house on the river with spectacular views. Again, good food, great conversation and a great group of girls. I fell into bed Sunday nite quite early and weighing quite a bit more than I did at the start of the weekend! :) Today I turned..ugh...49! My parents came and my Mom and I went out to lunch, she made dinner, the kids had cards for me and Julia had a sweet little gift. Will pulled a surprise card and sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. He had to be out of town. It was a great day! We will have a family dinner Friday nite, I am going to stretch this birthday thing out for a week! :) We wrap up another basketball season Saturday so 1 more to go and that ends next Saturday. Soccer in Atlanta this weekend and Julia's first school soccer game is next week at a school 3 hrs away...ugh! I am going to miss all this when they are grown and gone right?????? WOW! I am tired just typing all this mess so this old, tired 49 year old is going to hit the sack now, after all it is 9:00pm!!!!! Oh, and for the record, I took NO photos all weekend long!?!?!

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