Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday Sam!

February 5th Sam turned 12, his last birthday before the teen years! My son came into the world LARGE, tipping the scales at not quite 10 lbs, 10 days early. It was on that day he gave me the gift of loving a little boy...well a BIG boy. He was beautiful. When his sleepy newborn eyes were open, they were a crystal blue and they searched my soul as if to say, "Will you hold my heart and love me forever." And that I have. This boy of mine....I love him so. He is a great kid! Sam is handsome, smart, oh so smart, he is funny, kind, sensitive, loving, an amazing athlete, a fantastic big brother and little brother, he is creative and quite the artist and writer, he is mature beyond his years in so many ways, he is responsible and a huge help with the Littles. I adore him. Sam, Happy 12th Birthday! Thank you for showing me what "little boy love" looks like .I look forward to watching you grow and watching to see what God has planned for you! What a blessing you are to me and to your family! I love you so very much!

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