Tuesday, July 1, 2014

College Tours

My biggest baby is a rising junior this year so it is time to start the college tours. Now, most people do this throughout the year on weekends but because of our travel soccer schedule... it is now or never! Actually, several months ago we made a family weekend trip up through some South Carolina schools on self-guided tours just so Julia could see what big, medium and small schools looked like. It was a bit eye-opening for my 15 year old but it did what it was meant to do.She was able to narrow down greatly what she wanted just by the size and layouts of what we saw. So we began to narrow our search on the criteria she listed for size, campus style, distance from home, academic strength of the school, major available and did they have a women's soccer team she could play for.

 We took our first official escorted tour this weekend at High Point University in High Point NC. OMG!!! If Julia decides NOT to attend I will find something to get my Masters degree in and enroll. Sam was sold too. WOW! Probably not the smartest thing to tour a school like this first, as I am not sure many schools will come close to this! Their philosophy is "Expect Extraordinary". I am sure a lot of what is there is NOT necessary for a great college experience but hey, if they provide it, why not! There are no words to describe this place...country club or  resort come close!
 This greeted us as we drove in. SOLD!

 Just one of many fountains
 Along this promenade are benches with statues  of people throughout history that represent "extraordinary" and they play classical music through the speakers 24/7. All the classroom buildings line this area.
 A typical classroom.
 The view from the stadium
 The view out of one of the study areas that also have outside deck seating.
 Cool tables in 1 of the student centers...there are 2.
The main entrance. All entrances are gated...A mama's dream!!!

 The soccer field

The High Point Panthers
Sam and I enjoying Maleficent while Julia attended the soccer ID camp.

Camp went really well and she was asked to come back in August! She scored 2 goals during the game!!!

We did more self guided tours through a few schools on the way home. She is doing another ID camp and an official guided tour of another college later this summer. It is really kinda fun. Things sure have changed since I went to college years and years ago and the process is much more involved. I did not have a good college experience so I want to make sure my kids choose the right place for them and the right major. I am thinking by the time Lulu gets through school... I will just suggest the mail order degree!

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