Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweet 16

July 14th my beautiful Julia Irene turned 16!

I am not sure just how the years went so very fast?

 Sunday night we celebrated with a swim and outdoor movie party with a few kids from her class.

 The soccer goal was transformed into a giant movie screen!

Setting up music on the speakers

The little girls decided to go ahead and start dancing!

 The ping pong table was moved to the end of the driveway

The pool was filled with balloons.

Food and drinks set up on the back porch with lanterns and lights strung across.

All ready and waiting for the 17 teenagers and 2 twelve year olds to descend upon its serenity!

Sam had a friend over to make it fun for him too!

The Littles watching it all from the porch.

 The movie began at dark and we passed out popcorn to all. Date Night was the featured presentation! Such a FUNNY movie!!!

 Everybody left about 11:15 and peace was restored. I wanted to just sit and have a glass of wine under these magical lights!

Monday morning we opened presents from family and friends

 We surprised her with steamed buns from her favorite Chinese market.

However, she had to cook them herself as she has mastered the steamer!

Checking out her new computer. The orange hat was a joke from her friend..heee heee!

Throw in soccer practice for Julia and Sam where we surprised her with popsicles for all and sang Happy Birthday!

We then had dinner at her favorite sushi restaurant.

Me and my original baby!

We came home and celebrated with cake and more singing.

These two nuts adore each other!

Happy Birthday Julia!  I loved celebrating you! You are a delight to parent. A true blessing to us and I love you so very much! Hope your Sweet 16 was filled with memories you will always treasure!

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