Saturday, September 20, 2014

She Keeps Us Smiling

The littlest one in our clan is quite a character.
Here are some recent quotes:

Me: Lulu I love your cowboy boots! They look so cute!
Lulu: They not cowBOY boots, they cowGIRL boots. I am a girl not a boy cause I don't have peanuts. :)

She likes to know the "plan" for the day so I will tell her kinda the schedule.
Me: We have to run to Publix and the post office. After that we can get some lunch and then we can draw pictures together.
Lulu: I like that......10 minutes later... Mommy what's the deal? I forgot it.

When playing Barbies with her recently (all her playmates were at school) I had 2 Barbies and I had them singing and dancing. She gave me quite the look 
Lulu: No! Just play normally. Don't do that. I know, let's pretend we don't have that dancing. It is in another city, ok? Let's pretend that. 

When picking her up from school, I always ask about her day
Me: So did you go out on the playground today?
Lulu: Yes
Me: Well who did you play with today?
Lulu: My friends
Me: What are some of your friends names
Lulu: I don't know that is too hard.
Me: Did you do some art today?
Lulu: yes
Me: What did you make?
Lulu: I just want to stop this talking now.
She inserts thumb in mouth, rests her head on her carseat, and closes her eyes.

Lulu: UGH! Xin is soooo annoying? Accompanied by eye-rolling
Me: Why is Xin annoying?
Lulu: Cause Mei Mei (Jaida) says he is.

Recently she has started crying and saying she doesn't want to go to school.
Me: Lulu, why don't you want to go to school?
Lulu: Cause I just want to stay home and play with Mei Mei.
Me: But sweetheart Mei Mei is at school too.
Lulu: I just want to stay home and play with you.
Me: (Trying to sound as if it is not going to be much fun at home) Well, Mommy has to run some boring errands and then go to a boring meeting so I won't be home either.
Lulu: Well I just miss SOMEBODY!

Again with the school situation
Me: Lulu it is ok to be sad and to miss home but you can't scream when you get to school.(the screaming is quite loud and dramatic)
Lulu: I can't help it! It just comes right out of my mouth!

Oh dear sweet, spunky Lulu. We adore you and all your antics! So glad you are our daughter and sister!

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