Thursday, October 2, 2014

8 Looks Great on Miss Jaida!

September 27th our Jaida Ruth turned 8!
In our house with our crazy schedule we sometimes have to celebrate special occasions on alternate dates! Well, lucky for Jaida she had 4 different celebrations of sorts.
Note to self: Gotta trim this down. Too hard with 5 kids :)

 Celebration #1 was a girls day with a trip to the salon on Sept 20th to have her hair washed, cut, blow dried and curled. This was the first time Jaida has ever gone to the salon for this as I have always trimmed her hair.

 Before the cut

The after! SO very very BEAUTIFUL!
After the salon we had frozen yogurt and shopped for girly things.
It was such a wonderful day with my 2 little princesses.
I love these girls of mine!

Celebration #2 was Sept 26th when we celebrated together with dinner out with the fam!
Dining choice: Yo Pizza!

Then it was home for presents and cake!

 Xin made Jaida an 8 out of Legos

 Putting together the new Lego set

Celebration #3 was on the actual day of her birth...imagine that!
The girls all headed out at 6:50 a.m. for a soccer game in Atlanta.
I surprised them with donut holes for the ride and a brand new Barbie movie.
We then had lunch in Atlanta after a win from Julia's team and some shopping before we headed back home. The boys departed early also for the UGA football game.

Celebration #4 was Sept 30th when Lulu and I joined Jaida at school for lunch and treats for her class!

The entire lunch room sings Happy Birthday!

Whew!!!Celebrations aside, we love our Jaida so very much and love just cherishing her life!
Being her mother and watching her grow is such a gift.
 This sweet, sensitive, and deep little gem melts my heart.
Happy 8th Birthday my precious girl!
I love you more than words can express.

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