Sunday, October 12, 2014

She cleans up nicely!

Most of the time my Big Girl can be found in Nike shorts and a t-shirt, soccer uniform or basketball uniform.
But not this night.
This night she looked like a princess.
And two little sisters were all over this one!
Julia was elected to the Homecoming court for the junior class and Friday night was the big night!
We found a beautiful dress, incredibly high heels, and the perfect jewelry.
We did her hair and make-up(still sporting the remnants of a black eye from a previous week's soccer game)
Put it all together.....
And she took my breath away.
And her Dad's.
And her brothers' and sisters'.

The little girls were enthralled as we began the transformation! So cute!!!

 My beautiful girl!

With her handsome escort.

Her best bud!

Her fashion consultants

Her biggest fans!!!!!


  1. My jaw dropped, but not because I was surprised by her beauty, but that she looks so grown up!!! So lovely and wonderful.

  2. Im so glad I got to see these pictures. Beautiful sweet Julia! Miss y'all. Amy u look so much like your mom! What an awesome family!!!

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