Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Decorating....and something new!

Since the beginning of this little blog I have journaled our family's doings and happenings so that friends and family afar, or near, could keep up....if they wanted to. But mostly, as a way to journal our crazy life for my kids. They LOVE looking at what they did yesterday, last week and last year. As a mother of 5, my kids take up most of my time and energy and my heart is dedicated to them while they still want and need me :). However, I do have a few interests, hobbies and passions of my own. Some of them have been shared here with stories of faith, adoption and orphan care that are a BIG part of my heart as well. I also love decorating, crafting, repurposing, and cooking. Since I have a whole whopping 11-12 hours a week without kids now, I decided to start blogging some of these subjects too. So, from time to time I will be sharing decorating ideas, redo's, crafts and recipes my family enjoys. I hope to grow this part of my blog over time as it is the creative side of me that keeps me dreaming......and I LOVE trying to be creative! Notice I said TRYING to be creative. Martha Stewart I am not, nor do I have Better Homes and Gardens knocking down my door to photograph my kid friendly and very lived in house...remember 5 kids, 2 dogs and a bunny. The recipes are all things a busy mom could make, believe me as much as I like to cook, time is not abundant around here. Most of what I come up with I have seen somewhere else and either copy or tweak to my own liking. I am also quite the "Bargain Betty" and try to spend as little as possible to get the look I want! So without further ado......

Fall Decorating

My favorite season of the year is upon us. I love the somewhat cooler weather, colors, smells and coziness Autumn brings. Here is what fall looks like in our house this year.

Welcome to fall!

Our Dining Room 
Rarely used for dining but most always filled with puzzle or lego pieces of the latest project on hand.
This blackboard sign only took me an hour to look the way I wanted it too...UGH!

I love decoupage! A fun way to add a little something to the fake store bought pumpkins-scrapbook paper, Cricut machine and tada....a monogrammed pumpkin! 

 These clay pumpkins are about 20 years old and one of the first fall decorations I ever purchased.

Another monogrammed pumpkin on our bar.

Right next to the stove so when I cook I can look at my 5 favorite "pumpkins". My sister made this frame for me years ago. Again decoupage! And my favorite potter made the clay pumpkin.

On my desk next to my computer...a little Instagram filter added!

I found these jars in the "dollar section" at Target...boy do they have good stuff! Had NO idea what I was going to do with them but they were cheap and cute so I bought them. I painted them with a little chalkboard paint and filled them with our favorite candy. They will be reused at Christmas...JOY will fit quite nicely on them don't ya think?

Our kitchen table.
I bought these fake pumpkins for $1.00 each then used chalk paint in grey and cream to make them a little different. The glass vases also came from the Target "dollar section" and I filled them with sticks and golden weeds I found in the empty lot down the street. I did purchase the feathers for $1.29 for 5.

Again, fake pumpkins with chalk paint. I added a few gold polka dots this time for fun.

 You can't neglect the powder room!

 Julia and I made these fabric pumpkins years ago from a craft magazine suggestion. They bring back memories......

 At the top of the stairs I keep a basket of books filled with fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving stories. These only come out this time of year and the little kids get so excited to dig through the "new" books!

Outside on the covered porch where we spend a lot of time this time of year...dinner, coffee in the mornings, glass of wine at night, homework in the afternoons. One of my favorite spots!

I did not put these guys out this year and all of the kids asked me where they were? So up they went!

And just because I LOVE mums!

Happy Fall!
May you enjoy the many blessings and smiles this season brings!


  1. So pretty! Can you come do my house ;)

  2. What do you do with your mums after the holiday? Do you plant them?