Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Catching Up on Fall Around Here

Well it has been a BUSY few weeks so this will be an overload of photos of life!
My favorite season is whizzing by!

A trip to the mountains to pick apples....uhhh NO apples. 
So we enjoyed picking persimmons, having a wonderful lunch, and hiking.

The Fall Festival at the elementary school

The Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin carving...in shifts. First the Littles....

Then the Bigs....

Then some silly pumpkins!

Halloween morning

A stolen nap by one tired little ballerina before trick-or-treating!

My "redneck" son. He went with friends this year. It is the first time we haven't ALL gone together.....sigh!

The Littles headed out as.....
Star Trek

Julia decided to walk with us and add a little humor with dog ears and tail.

The sorting and trading of the loot.

And this LOVELY selfie of Julia and I watching Sam's soccer game in Atlanta as temperatures plummeted overnight to 38 degrees with winds at 25-35MPH and gusts of 45!!!!!
Then I got to do it AGAIN for Julia's game!!
Do you see how happy I am about this?????

So November is upon us.
Bringing basketball for Julia and Sam
Finishing up Sam's soccer
Continuing Julia's soccer for a few more months
And trying to savor the last days of fall and this wonderful month of Thanksgiving!
Before the rush of Christmas begins...... 

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