Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ok, so now I just want to suck my thumb

When I pick Lulu up from school, we chat about her day, or I ask her a few questions and she begrudgingly answers them. Then she lets me know the day has been long and she is done talking with, "Ok, so now I just want to suck my thumb."Also, at various intervals throughout the day, she will run to me, throw her chubby little arms up and ask to be held for some "Mama love". Of course I scoop her right up and she immediately lays her head on my shoulder and inserts that tiny little thumb into her mouth. It is her "comfort", her "go to" when she is tired or things just get too much for her 4 year old little self. I have to admit, I am a little envious. It is just so simple.... and yet so hugely comforting.

As the mother of 5, with a husband who is out of town frequently, I get TIRED and sometimes things just get to be too much. How I wish I could just say, "Ok, so now I just want to suck my thumb." When life gets tough, don't we all long to feel that comfort, that safe place, that aaaahhhh moment when we know all will be ok? All will work out? But as an adult I would look quite ridiculous curled up with my thumb in my mouth retreated from the world. But yet at times, I long to feel that comfort and peace that comes with a good thumb suck. So what to do? I believe at these times when it all gets to be too much, God is longing for us to throw up our arms and say "Hold me. I need Father love." He is longing for us to look to Him to find that peace and comfort knowing He loves us beyond our understanding. He wants us to rest in Him knowing He's got this and all that the world throws at us. I will have to admit, I don't always do this. In fact, I try to plow my way through it all on my own and then it isn't pretty. Then I resemble a small toddler throwing a tantrum. Knowing God's gotcha ya, doesn't take all the "stuff" away, just like sucking her thumb doesn't mean she doesn't have to put her shoes and her Polly Pockets away, but it just gives that extra assurance that even with all that has to be done or gotten through, there is more. There is love and trust and a bigger purpose to this life. And there is One that can get us through it all with a sense of peace and joy and purpose.

So the next time I have one of those "Ok, so now I just want to suck my thumb" moments, I am going to try to remember to throw my arms up to Him and whisper a pray instead of having a toddler tantrum and resembling my youngest child. It really is that simple.

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