Saturday, January 31, 2015

3 years!

Jan 30th, 2015 marked 3 years with our littlest family member!
Forever Family Day #3 with Miss Louisa Margaret 

We had a celebration breakfast together as a family.
(cause that was the only time of day we would all be together)

This looks quite different than 3 years ago.

A scared, angry, spunky and TINY little bundle was placed in our arms.
All she ever knew was changed in an instant.
A strange looking group of people suddenly surrounding her.
She went into survival mode.
She fought with all she had.
Then she gave up.

She shut down.
No noises
No expressions
No eye contact

So heartbreaking.
 Adoption is a beautiful thing but it is also carries great loss.

Slowly she began to warm to us and we got our first smile.

I would like to say from this point on all was bliss.
No, she continued to fight us and tantrum like crazy.
But we also began to see some of her true personality.
Funny, spunky, fiesty, loving, smart and brave
Over time she adjusted to her new life quite well.

3 years later this beautiful little girl is our beloved daughter and sister.
We can't imagine our family without her.
She is still a tiny little thing with a BIG personality.
She adores her siblings and prefers to be close by one of them.
Her favorite place is in my arms.
(A far cry from that first hard day when she bit me to get away from the strange blond haired lady!)

As I watched her walk into pre-school yesterday after giving me a huge hug, my eyes filled with tears.
What a difference in this child's life.

The first 20 months of her life were spent here

Never leaving the building.
20-22 hrs a day in her crib.
This is no life.

Thank you Lord for nudging my heart
Thank you Lord for giving us the courage to adopt one last time.
The joy we would have missed had we not taken that step.
You are a true delight and we adore you.

Louisa Margaret
Our Lulu
Our spunky litte firecracker
We love you beyond words
Happy Forever  sweet baby!
LOVE sure does look good on you!

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