Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Today my baby started Kindergarten.
My heart hurt.
My constant shadow for 3 years.
My cling-to-me-child.
Like has to know where I am at ALL times child!
She has come a LONG way!

When we decided to adopt again for the 3rd time, our 5th child, our decision was not always met with positive feedback. It was suggested we were too old to have a child that age. We were also told 5 kids is a LOT of kids.
Her "special needs" were a bit intimidating sounding to some.
And we were still in the middle of "hard" with our last adoption of Xin.
Maybe we were crazy.
And 5 kids IS a lot!
And we were on the older side.
But God.
When ya feel Him leading...well ya just better go where He asks.
How glad I am that we didn't listen to the voices of those that meant well.
How glad I am that we stepped out in faith to follow a call to our little firecracker.
Miss Lulu
What total joy we would have missed out on had we NOT taken that step of faith.

And here she is today, 3 years later, trotting into her classroom, all smiles and ready to take on Kindergarten!
How I love this child!
Been at this school for 15 years. This will be my last :(

She had a GREAT day!
She told me every detail.
Said, "I made a new friend but I don't think I can remember her name yet."
So happy for her and so happy this little love is my daughter!
And on a side note...I might be the oldest mother...and I might be able to be some of the other mothers mother!

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