Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016

So the month of January is gone and I made no posts!
But I love recording our family "stuff" because my kids enjoy going back and  looking at all the memories made.

Lots of basketball!
Jaida and Xin played basketball for the Lower School and had a great time!
They learned a lot and really improved.
The Varsity and JV players coached and refereed so it was really a good experience.
Julia was Jaida's coach!

Julia's team had some close games and fought hard.
 These girls play with a lot of heart!

 Julia is one of the Captains.
She has had a fantastic season!

Sam played on the Middle School A team.
He has played awesome this season!

Xin made the 100 Book Club reading 4000 pages.

Lulu had 100 Days of School and dressed like a 100 year old!

We had SNOW!!!!!
Here in the south a dusting is a BIG deal!
We were missing a few kids but the 3 that were here enjoyed the hour it was on the ground!

We finished this month celebrating Lulu's Forever Family Day #4!
Four years with this Love!

I guess I need to get used to the fact that with 5 kids and all the activities every month is going to be crazy and busy and jammed packed!
Just wish I could slow time down!

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