Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Senior Night

Last night was Senior night and the last home basketball game for Augusta Prep.
A very emotional night.
Julia loves basketball almost as much as soccer.
She will NOT be playing college basketball so these last games are it for her on a competitive level.
I have LOVED every minute of watching my big girl play.
She  always plays with LOTS of heart and has had a fabulous season.
It was a great night honoring our Seniors.
And there "may" have been a few tears shed....just sayin

We have a spaghetti dinner to kick the night off.
The little girls were part of the Littlest Cheerleaders and did a great job!

We got the senior girls some little treats!
 I will  miss my #10 so much!

The Seniors decided to add a little pizazz to their uniform for their last game at home.
The 3 seniors sported these pretty pink headbands and socks!
 Before the game and warm ups

 National Anthem
 Calling out the starters

We started off strong against our biggest rivals.
We took a 16 point lead.

Unfortunately it didn't last.
Julia played a great game with 16 points.
But the tears came at the end of the game.

The Seniors are called out onto the court where a short bio is read for each and they are greeted by their parents.

So very proud of my daughter and for all that she embodies.
Love this girl with all my heart.
FYI....holding back the tears here and giving it my best "happy" smile.

Love these Lady Cavs!!!!!
 Julia- Presbyterian College
Girls you will be missed!

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