Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And the final score was........

No, it was NOT 17 to 17 it was actually 20 to 19...... and the Eagles won!!!!!! They took the score off the board before I could snap the picture after jumping up and down wildly as if I had just won the lottery (I was NOT the only one by the way- I don't think there was a single Eagle fan still seated)We will get to that in a moment though but first I want to share with you a neat story. One of our biggest "hang-ups" when we were trying to decide about home schooling was the fact that our kids wouldn't get to experience playing sports on the school level. This was something Will and I both really enjoyed about our middle school and high school years and we didn't want to rob our kids of this pleasure. This may sound silly to some but not if you love sports like our family does. We prayed about this and came to the conclusion that if God wanted us to bring our children home to learn than He would fill that gap with something else or somehow the sports thing would just work out. Well, wouldn't you know there is an entire home school league called the Augusta Eagles and there are many sports to choose from on the middle school and high school level...and more in the works! How about that! God does not disappoint and He surely does reward obedience. Julia has really enjoyed playing for the middle school girls team and they have had an excellent season! Last night's game was a low scoring, but exciting game, with a big come back from the Eagles to tie it up at the end of the game. (I have to brag a moment, forgive me, Julia made the basket that tied it up) 17 to 17 and to overtime we went. At the end of overtime it was still 17 to 17 and we began yet another overtime to which at this point most of the parents had suffered slight heart attacks, hoarse voices, and bitten down fingernails. The Eagles ended up winning the game by 1 point with just 2 seconds to go by a great shot from the coach's daughter Megan! Way to go Megan!!!! We were all so proud of them. They are a great group of girls! We feel so blessed that God provided what we thought was a lost opportunity for our kids and showed us yet again, He really does take care of the details we so often fret over.

As an aside, the other 2 kids immediately found a playground out back to keep busy until the game started-Jaida in the sand and Sam playing football with Poppy and some other boys.

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