Friday, January 29, 2010

The Passy Fairy

Yes, the Passy Fairy made a visit to the Hatcher house! Jaida is now "passy-free". And yes, the Passy Fairy was LOOOONG over due! We brought passys with us to China not knowing what her needs or wants might be and she made it very clear she wanted nothing to do with that plug you put into your mouth! Well, 5 months after we were home, she found one and stuck it into her mouth and never went to sleep without it until Wednesday when the Passy Fairy came and took all her passys to the babies in China that have none. In our house you decorate a box or bag and fill it with your passys. The Fairy then comes and takes them while you are sleeping. The fun part is, you get to go to the store and pick out a toy afterwards! Jaida has had her eye on a new high chair for her babies so Wednesday she said, "I want to decorate that box for my passys." Well, of course I could not find a box on hand and I didn't want to lose the moment so out came a paper bag. She took much pride in this project and painted a beautiful creation. She said she wanted the Fairy to come at nap time so when she woke up we could go to Target to get the high chair! I started to put the bag filled with her precious passys on her night stand but oh no, she would not have that Fairy coming INTO her room! I tried to place it outside her bedroom door but that was still to close. Down the hall by Sam's room was where she placed it, then decided that was still TOO close! She ended up with it in the office which is at the opposite end of the hall from her room! She then told me to close the door really FAST (she meant hard)! Needless to say, the nap never occured, just alot of whining and wanting the passys and worrying about whether the fairy was nice and if she was a girl. Through all the angst the Fairy still managed to come and off to Target we went! She was thrilled with her purchase and sweet big sis Julia bought her a new baby doll with her own money to go with the new high chair! So, going to sleep has been a little labor-intensive since Wednesday but it will get better! It was one one of those bittersweet moments in life when you know it is the end of something. She still looked like such a baby with that "thing" in her mouth and even though it was annoying it was sweet. I will miss those ole passys!!!!

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