Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My "to do" list

Well, I don't know about you but I constantly have a "to do" list. It seems whenever I cross something off, another thing, or 2, is added! Seeing that I was SO sure or I thought, or I envisioned, or I hoped really hard that we were going to be departing for China the end of February I already have a lot of the "stuff" packed that you must bring along on a LONG trip with 4 small children. I already had all of Xin's clothes washed and his things pretty much ready to put in a suitcase. So now that we leave in 18 days here is my "to do" list:

1. Go thru Sam's clothes and put away all that doesn't fit- this could be useful seeing that the boys are sharing a closet
2. Get a camera cord with correct current for China-one would think that a brand new Nikon, expensive, camera would have a cord that is dual voltage-oh no!
3. Get my hair cut and highlighted-this is so Xin doesn't think I am his grandmother with all that gray hair popping up along those lovely roots
4.Cut Sam's hair-yes I cut it because the barber takes off all his curls!
5. Dog neutered-check-done today-must be neutered to go to kennel/doggie playgroup-really-but hey, 21 nights..... I had to something other than a plain old cement 2x2 cell?
6.Pollen swept off porches-why?-it will come back-but I can try?
7.Get new shoes-you see when I thought we were going in February I had these great hiking boots I was going to bring but now that we will be there in April, they are a little warm-but oh so comfortable-heaven forbid I just bring my running shoes-(may end up with those anyway)
8.Plant flowers-really? who cares and who will water those while we are away????
9.Make t-shirts for kids- I saw this really cute idea and wanted to make shirts for all the kids to wear together in China-lets just add to the stress level?!?!
As you can see...... my choice of items on the "to do" list is......?dumb?unnecessary? and it is not as if I have oodles of time either because we are trying to work ahead for school,finish up our co-op, attending all the soccer practices and tournaments-out of town I might add-and maintaining all the daily chores.... and I wonder why I AM stressed at the end of the day....geez!Self-induced

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  1. #3 is so funny and you MUST SKIP #8 for now..I am so excited for you, Will and the kids and especially Jaida! :))))