Monday, March 22, 2010

Puff, puff, toot, toot, off we go.......

Had to "borrow" that line from one of my children's(and mine) favorite books, "Down by the Station", it is very fitting! We have travel plans! Yeah! One week later! Yeah! It took our fabulous agency and fabulous Leigh Ann-hats off to her- to get us to China avoiding Masters Tournament,(they originally had us leaving DURING the tourney) Chinese holidays, required stays and full hotels-whew- it was a long and I must add stressful week!!!! But we have TRAVEL PLANS! We leave April 12th, Gotcha Day April 14th, and return May1st! We are thrilled-Will is going to be exhausted after a LONG 10 days of the tournament but he can sleep on that 14hour flight right? That is so easy to do right? We are traveling with 3 other families that are all adopting from the same orphanage. Evidently, this is somewhat unusual. I have been in contact with one of the families and they too are bringing their 3 kids, who just happen to be our kids ages, and are adopting a little boy also! How cool is that? God IS in the details! Although, I have to admit I threw the question out there this past week..."Really God, Masters Week? Of all the other 51 weeks we could have traveled? Really". Why oh why, do I continue to doubt His ways and assume mine are so much better than His??? Still learning, still growing. It is a process. Lots to do but oh so exciting!!!!! Xin here we come!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awesome...Awesome...Awesome! 22 days and you will have the little man. Not long at all now! Great news.


  2. Terrific news! Congrats from the Buckalews!!!

  3. Yeah Amy Jill! :)))) I am so excited. I am reading the book you gave me -Reckless Faith and it made me think of you. I love the book sweet friend! :)