Thursday, March 4, 2010

Updates on our "Xinny"

We FINALLY got updates today on Xin. Of course I don't know when these were done and we didn't get a lot of info but we will take what we can get. He is almost 39 inches tall and is 36 lbs. Jaida is about the same size but a little shorter and a little lighter. Now these measurements could have been taken with shoes and clothes on but they sure are close in size and now I have a MUCH better idea of what to pack. I have to admit it was a little weird/odd/sad-I guess I don't know what to call how I feel- to get my child's measurements, to see that he has grown since the last update and to not have been a part of that growth. My children are always measured at the pediatrician's office with me standing right next to them and writing it all down and then later transferring it to their baby books. I also don't know anything else about him except the standard form they fill out to describe the child's abilities and habits. I find it sad that a little boy has gone 4 years without a family to describe in depth his whole being, his little soul, his heart. It hurts my heart. Please, if you have ever felt your heart tug, nudge, inquire, wonder about adoption, PLEASE look into it. There are so many orphans with no one to watch them grow or care if they even grow. Adoption is an incredible gift to your soul and I can't imagine my life without the experience!

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  1. Very well put about adoption! We are so excited for you all....the time is getting close.