Monday, July 12, 2010

Can we PLEASE go to the mall?

Seeing that we have a pre-teen in the house, this should be a common and frequent question. But the question did NOT come from my pre-teen,who will be 12 on Wednesday, it came from my cherub-faced 3 year old! Yes, she came down the steps as I was drinking my coffee and asked, "Mommy can we PLEASE go to the mall and have a girls day and get our nails done?" Said with much body swaying and head movement. The very funny part of this is that I am not a pretty nail kind of girl, never have been. I admire pretty nails on others but have just never made that a priority.I can honestly say I have had 1 manicure in my life and that was a gift when I turned 30, LONG ago! The other funny part of this statement is that I am not a mall kind of girl either. We don't have a very good mall in our medium sized town and I would much rather just head to Target. I am not even sure she knows what a mall is?!?! When I questioned her about this she just replied with more drama, "Can we PLEASE just go Mommy?" Boy am I in trouble when SHE hits the pre-teen/teen stage!!!! This child just cracks me up and I absolutely adore her!

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