Monday, July 19, 2010

Learning the English Language

One of my biggest concerns with adopting Xin was the language barrier. In China it was huge. Here...not so much. I have been amazed at how quickly he has picked it up. Not only does he know the words for tangible items but he uses phrases like, "I have a good idea Mommy." and "I'll be right back Mei Mei. Stay here." and "I slept late this morning Mommy." Amazing! Once he gets his additional palate surgery his speech will be wonderful...well I guess we will have to throw a "few" speech therapies in there too:) before it is wonderful. He does still occasionally get words mixed up. Colors, he just can't seem to grasp-oh well, that is what pre-K is for right:) He said the other day, "Mommy, I have the helicopters." He meant hiccups:) While lying on the couch watching Dora (which by the way he gets the colors in Spanish-go figure) he said., "Mommy, I cold. Please put that napkin on me." He meant blanket:) Too cute! Keep it up sweet boy. You're doing great!!!!!

On another note, 3 years ago today we boarded a plane headed to Beijing on the 1st leg of our journey to Jaida-wow!!!! What wonderful memories. I can say that NOW, really the flight was a nightmare as our flight was delayed in Detroit, oh 7-8 hours, which caused us to miss our and any remaining flights to Beijing which in turn had us spending the night in Japan. Nice country-very clean and very hospitable! The next day we made it in time for the Great Wall tour with the rest of our group, slept one night in Beijing and off we went to the Jiangxi province where our precious Jaida and newest family member waited! Like I said wonderful memories!

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