Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forever Family Day

Jaida July 2007

Three years ago today we walked onto the 20th floor of the Civil Affairs office in Nanchang, China. It was a Sunday, they don't use the airconditioner on Sundays...heat rises....July....about 120 degrees in the room. I am already sweating bullets as I am about to meet my 3rd child for the first time. We walked in and there were all of the babies, chaos ensued. Babies were passed to new parents. Babies cried, screamed. Parents cried. Photos flashed. Jaida, bald and coneheaded with an absolutely flat back of the head, was placed in my arms. She took one look at me with my blond hair and the corners of her mouth curled downward,( she still does this today and it is so darn cute) and preceded to cry, scream, thrash, arch her back, kick her little legs, and flail wildly. She clung to her name tag-the only thing she had that was hers. She wouldn't let go of it. It broke my heart. She was sweating, I was sweating, Sam and Julia were crying, I was crying, she was screaming, Will was trying to get his hands on her, and my parents were trying to record it all on tape and in still photos. At one point I remember saying a quick "Oh God, help me. What have we done? Please help me. Please help her." She screamed and cried the whole rest of the day. She stopped momentarily when Julia brought out the Cheerios and then started all over again. We ordered pizza. I cried. My mother came into our room and said, "It will all be ok" and hugged me. I was so glad she was there....I needed MY mommy! Jaida finally fell asleep after taking a bottle while giving me the evil eye and sucking furiously. She/we all woke up quite early the next morning and she was a new baby. She smiled. She ate. She never looked back. Her personality came to life. I fell in love. .........I adore her. I can't believe it has been 3 years. She was/is perfect for our family. Our youngest member. Full of personality. Loved beyond words. A gift. Thank you Lord for creating families in all kinds of ways. We celebrated our family with little gifts, a movie and dinner and ice cream out. *We celebrated earlier in the week because Julia left for Florida-by herself-whole "nother" post* It was a great day and I am so thankful the Lord placed adoption on my heart. I can't imagine life or our family without this little bundle of joy! I love you sweet Jaida and I am blessed to be your Mommy!
Jaida July 2010

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  1. Happy three years and many more to come. I absolutely love htat sad little face in the first picture. At least you have photos and videos of the day - as hard as it may have been. I wish we had more - and wish my DH hadn't taped over gotcha day. Our daughter was miserable - how I wish she would have gone to sleep and awoken like your Jaida!