Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jaida Ruth!

Ready to go for her big day!
We are here!

Waiting for the store to open!

Jaida and the "girls"

Lunch at the Bistro.

With her purchases.....or at least part of them!

Celebrating at the lake with family.

Big wish!

Birthday morning.......still celebrating!

Her cake she decorated "all by myself."

Today Jaida turned 4! Could it be? How did my baby get to be 4? Four years ago today, across an ocean and in a very different land my sweet baby was born. Much differently than my first 2, but just as miraculously and just as scripted by our awesome God. As our papers had been logged into the Chinese system for almost a year before she was born, we waited, quite impatiently for our daughter/sister. We prayed. We dreamed. We cried. We waited. We were given a gift. The gift of this sweet child. We get to love her, hold her, hear her adorable laugh, listen to her unending chatter, smile at her antics, admire her artwork, kiss her, teach her about her savior,watch her grow, see her blossom. We get to be her family. I get to be her Mommy! I always think of her birth mother on her birthday. I pray for her. I pray she somehow knows her child is loved beyond words. My heart aches for her. She does not get to see all the wonderful things this little girl is. She brings so much happiness and joy to our family and we would not be complete without her! Happy Birthday my "Jaida Potata". Mommy loves you so very very much!

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