Saturday, September 11, 2010

Praise the Lord!

Praise God! Xin's surgery went very well! The tubes were inserted in his ears and then the palate repair lasted about 2 hours. Shorter than we had expected. We were called back to the recovery room and our short stint in "*ell" began. They said he may act odd coming off the anesthesia and that did not even begin to describe our mighty ball of anger/attitude/rage. All 37 lbs of him were fighting with all his might to get the tubes out, string out of his tongue and to just "Go home", in his words. He kicked, thrashed, yelled, "I don't like this! I want to go home!" over and over and preceded to try to walk right out of there. He manged to pull his IV out and blood went everywhere. This is when I wanted to GO HOME and could have just walked right on out. But then I would have left my poor husband with this thrashing child and blood all over himself. So I did what any good Mommy would do, I asked for the anesthesiologist and told him/begged him to please give him something, aka"drugs". He did give him 2 doses of "something" to calm him down and eventually he looked up at Will and held his arms up. Will held him on his lap and he fell asleep. From that point on he was a dream patient! We were sent home early Friday morning. He is eating, drinking, playing and even got upset yesterday because I wouldn't let him ride his bike! We can tell a difference already in his speech. The nasal sound is less and his "B's" and similar sounds are said more thru his mouth and not his nose. We have a lot of speech ahead of us but the "broken" palate seems to be fixed! It really could not have gone better. We are very thankful!!!

Please pray for our friends little girl, Cynthia, she had surgery Friday and her recovery has been a little tougher. She came home a month before Xin and is 2 years old. Thanks for the prayers and concern they were very much appreciated and felt!


  1. AWESOME news Hatcher's !!! SO GLAD that Xin did well - I know that is a load off your minds...

    Love the pics from the beach also - GOOD TIMES :)