Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ponte Vedra Beach and Prayers

We like to head to our favorite beach one last time while the weather is still warm. This Labor Day weekend we did just that. We had a wonderful time playing, making sand castles, boogie boarding, skim boarding, swimming, running, eating, sleeping, reading, finding shells, sharks teeth and sea glass,spending time together as a family and just soaking in the joys of being on vacation.
We are back to reality now and unfortunately a hard week ahead. Xin has surgery Thursday to repair the muscle in his soft palate so that he can speak better and not so "nasally". If you think about him Thursday please pray. The surgery has a 75% chance of "working". His surgeon is wonderful so we are very thankful for that. We have never had a child under anesthesia so this is a scary day for us. I am so sorry this poor little fella has to go through yet another surgery and I also can't help but think of the 2 previous surgeries he endured alone...without a family there for him. I don't want to see him go through this pain that I know lies ahead. However, he is an "old pro" at it even if we aren't! Bless his sweet little heart. We are so glad we had such a wonderful time at the beach and that he just relished in the fun. We will hold on to those thoughts as we go through the next couple of days at the hospital.

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