Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 1st

The family zoo shot.
He LOVED feeding the giraffes.

The party table.


His very first birthday cake!

He fell asleep in his birthday crown....I think he liked his birthday!

We celebrated Xin yesterday. It was his birthday. He turned 5. He had NEVER had a birthday. No one had EVER celebrated him. We did! This little boy with a brave heart, curious mind, clever wit and kind soul that came to us 9 months ago, has been through so much in his little life. And yet he had never had a birthday celebration. We started the celebration Sunday by heading to the zoo. He loved it! Monday he brought a cookie cake to school to share with his friends. Yesterday we had presents and a lunch celebration with pizza and cake.He loved every minute of it. Most kids rip through the cards paying no attention to them unless there is a gift in it, he wanted to keep it in his room. Yes, cards are special when you have NEVER had a birthday! We have made a lot of progress in 9 months with this little guy. He is still learning and growing and so are we but we are blessed by his presence in our family. We love you Xin and we will celebrate the day God brought you into this world for the next 100 years! Happy Birthday little buddy!!!!

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