Thursday, July 14, 2011


First Mother's Day-10 months old!


Just born!

2 weeks old

1st birthday

2nd birthday

5th birthday

10th birthday-with her BFF Haley

13th birthday!

Julia turned 13 today. How did that happen? I have a teenager! Doesn't 12 sound so much younger than 13? It seems like yesterday she was a baby but in a way, seems like a long time ago too. I have to admit, I have been a bit teary thinking of this day. We gathered at the lake this past weekend to celebrate with family and I started crying as we sang Happy Birthday. I did pretty good today though and we had a wonderful day! She is having a swim and dinner party tomorrow night with some of her friends to continue this big "teen" celebration.

Julia entered this world with eyes wide open and a zest for life. A great preview of what was to come. This precious 8lb 14oz bundle rocked my world! Life took on a whole new meaning. Love took on a whole new meaning. How young and dumb I truly was! But Julia put up with all my rookie moves and has turned out just fine! She has always been a joy and truly an easy kid. And I have found it a privilege and an honor to be her mother. She was my first baby. The one that paved the way for all the others. I have enjoyed every stage of her 13 years.It is a blessing to be her mother! As we enter this new stage called the "teenage years" I look forward to growing our relationship in a whole new dimension. I love this child with all my heart. I love everything she stands for, everything about her....especially her heart. On this day I hope she knows just what she means to all of us. Just how very much she is loved. Happy 13th Birthday my sweet Julia!


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like she has been a gift every day.


  2. Happy Birthday Julia! God has blessed us that we know you!