Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Birds and The Bees

I caught this conversation between Jaida and Xin as I was making lunch. They were looking at a photo album of when Julia was born.

Xin: Jaida do you kiss after the baby comes, like after you get married?

Jaida: Well Xin, after you get married you decide if you want to have a baby in your tummy or you want to adopt a baby.

Xin: So you kiss then?

Jaida: The Mom gives the Dad a kiss after the baby comes because you know, the Mom doesn't really know what.....well, the Dad knows....and the Mom waits for the Dad and then the baby comes and they kiss. *(At this point they are looking of a picture of me coming off of general anesthesia-very hard delivery- and hugging and kissing Will who has newborn Julia in his arms)*

Xin: So Jaida they kiss like after they get married?

Jaida: Yes Xin that's what you do!

These two crack me up! At least they have the marriage before the baby part right! There is also a picture my Mom snapped of Will and I kissing after we got Xin in the orphanage as well as some wedding pictures of us kissing of course. They LOVE to see us kiss. They giggle and laugh and chant "kiss on lips, kiss on lips"....whatever floats your boat!

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  1. Ha ha! I love it! In the car a couple weeks ago Nadia was making up songs in the back seat (very common for her) and this is what she sang,
    "I love my mommy and my daddy! My mommy loves my daddy. My daddy loves my mommy. Kissy kissy kissy. Kissy kissy kissy!"

    We cracked up.