Monday, February 27, 2012

1 month ago today.......

Chen Xiang Ying was carried into the civil affairs office in Changsha by her nanny
She left everything she ever knew
And was placed into the arms of her forever family where she became Louisa Margaret Hatcher
She was NOT happy about it

But look at her now.....
She smiles continually
And explores everything
She is a happy little tot
We are all in love with her
And her smile lights up our home!

She is doing fantastic! She has learned a few things in this past month:
She can scoot and crawl
She pulls up to standing
She "walks" around the coffee table holding on
She gives high 5's...or 2-1/2's in her case
She blew me a kiss tonight at bedtime
She waved bye bye
She signs a few things
She said her first and pointed to the baby on the yogurt cup
She says woo woo for the dogs
She knows a lot of what we say and tell her-receptive language
She pointed to a dog on her pj bottom and said woo woo
She points to the rocking chair when she wants to be rocked
She eats anything and everything
Her tantrums have lessened in length and intensity...thank you God!!!!
She sleeps through the night and nap time
She is a smart little thing
She loves to be loved and loved and loved on!
We love you baby girl and we are so very blessed that you joined our family. We are so glad God called us to you. Happy 1 month with your big crazy Forever Family!


  1. Amy, Lulu looks positively ADORABLE!! Her little cheeks have filled out so cute! Praises that she is doing so well!

    Belated Happy Birthday to you!!! :)

  2. I am thrilled to read that your little Lulu is doing so WELL! The change is evidenced by her very countenance, isn't it! She sounds like a smart little cookie, and I know she lights up your days!

  3. I love reading all of this! And I totally adore the smiles.