Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Home 1 week......

We finished up basketball season
Celebrated Valentines Day
See more and more smiles from Miss Lulu
Looking for the dogs...notice dirty window!

I can't believe we have been home a week. Here is how it has played out:
Jet lag...big time
Life goes on and we are finding our new "normal"
We finished up basketball season
Soccer practices
Sweet friends and family have provided delicious meals
Jet lag...soooooo tired still
Celebrated Valentines Day at home and school
Started home schooling...ugh so hard to do!
Lulu hates the dogs but is curious about them
She is a great sleeper
She can still throw a mean tantrum where we have seen "Helga" a little too often
She is pulling up on those sweet little wobbly crooked feet
She wants to walk so bad
She says "uh oh" when something drops
She loves to laugh and be silly
She loves her brothers and sisters
Tolerates Daddy when in a good mood
Mommy has a new accessory... a 20-lb hip ornament
She loves to be held and loves to eat
Have I mentioned jet-lag....seriously!
She is the cutest little peanut (when she isn't Helga)
Still have half unpacked suitcases sitting in hall because....I have a baby in the house again!
Very few pictures taken-camera sits in closet because.....honestly, I am just too tired
Love brushing our teeth with faucet water
LOVING the internet and its speed and predictability again
Lulu gets the biggest kick out of using a fork and spoon and does pretty well
Very glad to be home and on a whole.....things have gone pretty darn well for week one!
Goal for next week........not sure I can think that far ahead for now-LOL!

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  1. so good to read. jet lag is such a beating! as if the life change isn't enough. but thank goodness she is sleeping. i don't know what we would have done if amelie had sleep issues