Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The most beautiful nails in the world!

Lulu had her nails painted today! All 7 of them! She is sooooo very proud of them. Showing all of Sam's friends and anyone else who would look! When we told Jaida last year about Lulu's special hands and feet she was so concerned about her not being able to have them painted. You see this is a big deal for my girly-girl. Well today Jaida and I were doing our nails and guess who walked over to join the painting party? Miss Lulu. Jaida begged me to paint her nails too. So painting an excited, squirming 2 year old's nails is not an easy task. But that I did. We just painted skin where there were no nails...this sweet, little foot above has none. She thinks they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! As she says, "pitty"!  And we do too!


  1. So cute! Amelie was thrilled for days the first time I painted her toe nails. We won't do her fingers though becasue she still sucks her thumb at bedtime.

  2. Amy, Had to smile when I saw this. We do the same thing to Abbey's toes that do not have nails... Just paint a timy strip of polish to make it look like nails! So cute!
    Rene' Runner