Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

A teenage bear


A beautiful ladybug

My crazy kids!

One cute little cow (note: Sam wore this as a 1 yr old-I added the bow for Lulu :))

Check out the tail

Chinese opera man...Sam purchased this entire costume in China this winter

The big girls

She LOVED the entire night! "More house. More candy!" "Lulu walk" "I hold"-said because NOBODY could touch her pumpkin full of candy...even when it got heavy for those 2 little fingers, she carried it all night by herself.

The neighborhood crew you really do get candy!

I love this "holiday". The kids are so excited and it is just simple fun. We always have a little "party" with our neighbors afterwards with drinks and appetizers and the kids trade candy and eat way too  much of it....oh is one fun night! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!!!!

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  1. Adorable!! We love it too. Just a fun time all around.