Sunday, November 4, 2012


Today was Orphan Sunday. It is the day we are supposed to let it sink into our minds and hearts that there are 147 million, 163 get the picture ......LOTS of orphans in this world. They are all real people. Created by God. For His purpose. But it is so easy to turn the other way and do nothing. We go about are busy and very blessed lives here in America and put those little faces out of our minds because after all, there are so many what can we really do to help?

Some are called to adopt and many are not. But that is not the end of the story. There are so many ways everybody can do SOMETHING.

go on a mission trip to serve the fatherless
financially support someone who is adopting
financially support an orphan for their basic needs
send an orphan to school
supply the needs of an orphanage
pray for the orphans
support a family adopting through acts of kindness
show the love of Jesus to an orphan
help fund a medical procedure desperately needed

This is just a short list. And there are many organizations that handle all of these suggestions-Visiting Orphans, Shaohannah's Hope, Half the Sky, 147 Million Orphans,  Love Without Boundaries, etc
But PLEASE do something.

As I look at my three raven haired cherubs running around our home, I so often forget they were once orphans. I see them as my children. Simply mine. Occasionally, I am reminded of their start when I catch a glimpse of a photo of them taken while living in the orphanage. It breaks my heart every time and I must look away. They are not my children here in these photos. They are pale, thin, blank- eyed, lifeless children. These are not the kids that fill our home. These 3 are loud, funny, smart, mischievous, beautiful, love-filled and FULL of life  and they resemble nothing of their former selves. Thank God. But there are so many that still need us. PLEASE do something in honor of these little lives. Think about it, talk about it, pray about it as a family and do something that will change the life of an orphan... and give them hope.

In honor of my three dearly loved China babies.

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