Tuesday, July 21, 2015

8 Years Ago Today

8 years ago today I was also in China.
A bald, skinny, pale, thrashing, screaming, kicking, frightened 9 month old was placed in my arms and became our daughter.
Our lives were forever changed.
This beautiful little soul captured our hearts and showed us how to love on a completely different level.
She opened doors for us to a world that has become my heart's passion.
She is why we adopted 2 more times.
She is why I am here now.
So today (July 22) we celebrate Jaida Ruth Hatcher's Forever Family Day from the USA and all the way across the world in China.
Jaida, Mommy could not love you more.
I can't imagine our family without you.
Thank you for all that you bring to our big, loud, crazy circus.
Happy #8 baby girl.
Sending all my love to you on this very special day.
See you very soon!

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