Friday, July 17, 2015

Julia's 17th Birthday and off to China we go!

Julia turned 17 the day before we left for China.
We started the day with a run.

Then we had dinner and presents and cupcakes to celebrate!

I absolutely love this precious daughter of mine who first made me a mother.
Happy 17th Birthday Julia!
And then bright and early the next morning we departed home at 5:45am for China.

OMG the 16:20 plane ride just about sent me over the edge! I thought about jumping out at one point!!!

Arriving in Hong Kong over 24 hours after leaving home, we spent the night (just a 5 hour sleep)

Very early once again, we took a 1 hr van ride across the border to Shenzhen China where we then took the bullet train for a 2 hr ride to Chenzhou

Not before grabbing a Starbucks coffee…ahhh a taste of home! Hit the spot.

And here we are until next Friday.

We got a very short visit at the orphanage today. It was quite depressing and I really didn't know what to feel. We are all absolutely exhausted and we can't see the kids tomorrow because the nannies have a day off. I think it will be a rough week. A teammate said it best, there just doesn't seem to be any hope for those kids. So very sad.
***Internet is terrible so posting on any social media may or may not happen.***

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