Monday, July 20, 2015

The orphanage

The past 2 days have been spent at the orphanage, splitting the hours between the babies and the bigger kids.
Most of the kids here have severe issues and will never be adopted or even put on an adoption list.
Hard to wrap your brain around things we aren't used to seeing.
I don't even feel right taking pictures of some of these kids
So many of them don't even like to be touched.
It is hard to know how to help them.
They don't or won't make eye contact.
If you sing or talk to them they sometimes freak out or withdrawal more.
The workers do the best they can but there simply aren't enough hands to care for them all and all their special needs.
The few that have "special needs" that are very manageable or non-life altering we are encouraging the assistant director to get them paperwork ready.
That way they have a chance.
I know we serve a big God and I pray He shows them mercy.
My "theme" for this trip was simply, Love
Even that seems hard sometimes because you wonder do they know that is what you are trying to show them.
Below are the pictures of a few of the children with minor special needs.
Please pray for them and that they find their forever families.
Then pray for the ones that are not pictured.
Pray they feel His love and ours.

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