Monday, July 15, 2013

Our day in Beijing

I didn't really want to go back to Beijing. I was ready to just go home. I didn't care to walk on the Great Wall for the 3rd time. But that was the plan. So we spent Saturday hiking the Great Wall, a different section than I had been to the previous 2 times. And it was good. It was fun. We got a break from the heavy and just enjoyed each other's company. Some of us went to the highest tower. So cool!!!! Then we all, sledded down the Great Wall. Ok, I was so nervous and did NOT want to do it. Being the "old lady" I would have had a good excuse not to do it. But peer pressure pushed me to do it. It was awesome! Just a tad scary in a few parts. So glad they talked me in to it.

The sled track

The trail up to the Wall...that was steep too!

My partner!!!! Love this girl!!!!

Some parts were really steep!

They were laughing at me, I was sooooo sweaty!

In front of the sledding "directions"

Then we went to a silk market...a big huge shopping area where you must bargain. Oh dear, not my thing! However, my daughter was quite good at it!!! She gets this from her Dad!!! She got quite a few good deals!

Lastly, we had dinner together and celebrated Julia's 15th birthday! Sam and Julia have both now celebrated a birthday in China. How cool is that??? We figured out that actually all the kids except Jaida had a birthday in China..she was only 9 months when we got her.

******More posts below on our last day at Chenzhou******

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