Sunday, May 22, 2016

End of School Year Happenings -part 1

We had a lot going on this past week!

Sweet Jaida was the only one NOT moving up to a new level of schooling.
She did receive a Sportsmanship award for 3rd grade and we are so proud!
She had an amazing year at her new school and rocked 3rd grade with all A's!

Sam "graduated" from Middle School Thurs nite!
He is headed to the Upper School in the fall.
How is my baby boy in high school already???
He finished with high honors and an over all GPA of over 99!!!
So proud of Sam!!

His best buddy and our second favorite 8th grader! Charlie!

APDS 8th grade! Class of 2020!

At APDS Middle School begins in 5th grade.
So the 4th grade has a separate moving up ceremony and awards day.
Xin is headed to Middle School!

So proud of Xin!
He finished 4th grade and a new school with excellent grades and a few awards!
Sportsmanship, Libray and Great Friend to All.
All 3 of these awards are character based and we are so proud of him for displaying such good character!

Lulu "graduated" from Kindergarten!
Because 8th grade and Kindergarten "graduation" were same day/same time, 8th grade trumps Kindergarten
But...Splash Day was not to be missed by Lulu.
Despite unusually cold temps, wind and rain, Splash Day went on after a brief "stall" for a movie while the storm blew over!

I have been at this Pre-school for 15 years!
I had tears as I said goodbye.
Lulu will move on to APDS with the others in the fall for 1st grade 
Lots of emotional stuff this year!!!

A little after school lunch to celebrate the last day of school!
Minus Sam as he was busy with his social life!  :)

Friday night was Senior Honors, a fabulous program with speeches, music, awards and friends!
 Class of 2016

 APDS does many wonderful things!
As seniors, they receive a bag filled with letters from teachers, coaches, relatives, friends, parents,etc.
Parents are told a few months before to ask special people to write to the kids.
They are then collected and given to the Seniors on Honors Night.
She was amazed and humbled at all the people who wrote to her!
Very emotional and special time!

All of this took place pre High School graduation.
Part 2 to follow...

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