Friday, May 6, 2016

Soccer Senior Night

Soccer season was not what we had all planned.
Julia was hurt early in the season when a girl took her out and she sustained a season ending knee injury.
Tore everything basically.
Senior night the coach let her start the game to kick off the ball and then she basically stood on the field until the ball went out of bounds and she was able to be subbed out.
That was hard to watch.
She loves the game and loves her team so I was glad at least she got to participate in the last home game even if for a minute.
Hard for a Mamma's heart.

 Senior Captains

 Announcing the starters

 Getting ready to kick off

 Her big moment

 Off the field she goes. So hard to watch.

 Yes the y won! 13-0!
 Senior recognition

 Amazing group of seniors. Four are going to play Division 1 soccer and the other 2-one going to Duke and the other Princeton!

 Harper made Julia a sign...notice she put her basketball # on the poster instead! HAHAHAH

This senior stuff kills me.
The injury has made it even more emotional!!!
Love my girl!

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