Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Spring Happenings

I said it last year....
May is way busier than December!
Here are some of our favorites!
And actually some of these are April..wow I am behind!

Olympic Day for the Lower School

College t-shirt day for the Seniors! 

 And we can't forget surgery...or maybe we can! 
NOT the happiest of memories.

A mini reunion with some Walton High School Class of 1983 friends!
These are some amazing women that I love dearly!

And more in May...

 Mother's Day with Lulu's class
And my very favorite hand print in the world!
The 5 wonderful little people who made me a mom!
 Celebrating with my mom! 
 Celebrating in Jaida's classroom!
Cutest celebration ever!!

Julia's last day of high school.
Oh my heart.

Julia was nominated by one of her coaches for this award through the Augusta Sports Council.
Silver Medal Winner!
 And then... they chose 4 of the athletes out of all the categories to award scholarships to based on athletics, academics and civic involvement.
Julia was one of the 4!!!
 So proud of how hard she has worked through out her high school career on everything that she does!

 And on to rehab....first try on the bike!
Just 2-1/2 weeks out of surgery.
And the craziness continues..... more to come!

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