Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Graduation- Class of 2016

May 21 2016
Augusta Preparatory Day School class of 2016 graduated.
My Julia graduated.
It was a really wonderful day!

 It was a beautiful and very personal ceremony.
As each graduate received their diploma a little paragraph was read about them.
Then as they marched out, all the teachers and faculty lined the walkway and they stopped and hugged each one.

A reception was held afterwards for photos and socializing.

Another really great thing the school does...each graduate has a banner hanging in the reception area with a baby picture and their graduation picture along with the college they are attending.

Our sweet babysitter Bernice who has babysat for us since Julia was a baby!!!


 Their amazing college counselor Ivey Harrison who is a PC graduate, here with the 2 future Blue Hose!

 Our fabulous new Headmaster kneeling down to Julia's height!
and his fabulous wife!

 Mrs. Ryan who runs the show!!! She is the best!!

Afterwards we had a party at our house to celebrate the graduates.

It was so much fun and really a wonderful day!
I love this first baby of mine and am so proud of all that she has accomplished and all that she has become.
It was an emotional day for me knowing this is an end to something.
 But it is also a beginning.
I am so excited about her future and all that she has planned.
And all the mysteries that will unfold.
The future is yours Julia.
Dream Big, Love Much, and reach for the stars!
I will always be here cheering you on.
I love you sweetheart!
Congratulations on your graduation from high school!!!!!

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